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T-SQL dictionary for Office 2007/10 part 2

There is one significant thing missing from the custom dictionary I posted here…  T-SQL reserved words.  I knew it when I posted it, and even mentioned it in the post, but still it bothered me that they were missing.

If you’ve got Word setup to use the default proofing options, and you always type DBCC CHECKALLOC in all caps you probably never would notice an issue.  But, what happens if you type DBCC CHECKALLOK instead?  Nothing, a big fat nothing.  Why?  Because by default Word doesn’t spell check words that are in all CAPS.  You can change that behavior, but if you do, typing things like dbcc or checkalloc will bring those awesome squiggly lines right back, but Word will have no suggestions for you.

To fix that, and get my custom dictionary a little bit closer to complete I’ve provided a dictionary file that includes all of the DOCUMENTED reserved t-sql words in Books on Line.  I know that there are many more undocumented reserved words in SQL Server, but I’ve not found a great way to expose them all.  If anyone has any ideas for how to expose the undocumented reserved words I would love to hear them.

So, to use the  tsql dictionary you need to rename it the same way you did with the first dictionary file I posted, then open Word and make a few changes.  First up, you need to tell Word to check UPPERCASE WORDs, by deselecting the check box below:

Next step is to import the file by clicking on the Custom Dictionaries button and begin writting.


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