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How does community participation meet a business need?

Or more specifically how does my participation in PASS and the SQL server communities around it meet a business need?  That’s an easy one!

PASS has a wonderful, thriving, vibrant community of database professionals surrounding it.  This community is unlike any other group of IT professionals I’ve ever come across.  In fact it reminds me of the community you can find around 2600 or some of the BBSs that I participated in during my high school years.    Now, the SQL Server community isn’t out to change the world by making all information free for the taking, nor are they out to ‘stick it to the man’ like many of the hackers I knew; but the SQL community that surrounds PASS is indeed full of hackers.  By and large we are all out playing with new features and finding new ways to do something not only to meet a business need but also for the pure joy of doing it and sharing our results.  Why else would there be countless examples of SQL Server professionals giving up their time, energy and knowledge to the masses for free.  If we didn’t love what we do, and feel a need to share it this community wouldn’t exist.

Back to my original question; how does participating in this community meet a business need? 

I think there are a couple of answers to that.  I fully believe that the little bit of time I spend on twitter following the #SQLHELP hash tag has given me a leg up, if you will, over those that don’t.  Not only does it give me the opportunity to help folks with an issue, it allows me to ask for that help in return.    With community participation you get access to some of the best and brightest minds in the SQL space, and those folks all want to help.   You also often get the chance to ask your favorite speaker, blogger, author a clarifying question, or for further details just by being there.  Did you sit in a pre-con with Paul Randal and Kimberly Tripp?  Guess what?  They are both on twitter and willing to respond to questions.

The other huge benefit I get out of community participation is that it keeps me excited about the technology.  Enthusiasm is infectious and what better way to catch that enthusiasm than by keeping in contact with folks excited about something.  As long as I am excited about technology I will continue looking for better ways to do a given task, or meet a business need, and honestly that’s why my employer pays me – to meet business needs, protect data and systems, and streamline processes.

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  1. Richard
    December 1, 2010 at 9:26 am

    Gosh… BBSs! I remember those! I used to spend hours on my 300bps Hayes modem connected to my Apple //e or using my dad’s VT 100 with it’s screaming (at the time!) 1200bps modem. Anyway, yeah, SQL community does remind me of that. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

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